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Having attended The Freedom to Choose Project’s (FTC) workshops has helped me to completely alter my thinking, actions, and manner of living. The exposure to the loving and safe environment has also affected a large portion of this prison.

The experiences that I have had during the past several years has altered my entire manner of living. I used to attend groups because it was what I knew that the parole board would expect of me when I go in front of them. Now I have an interest in improving myself for my own needs. The FTC method agrees with me on a deeply spiritual level and I relish each and every experience that I have had and will have in the future. There is not enough time available for me to express how much the project has done for me, but I will continue to participate as often as possible.

There is a community of like-minded individuals that has formed from the exposure of the FTC manner of education. We acknowledge one another and have a connection that continues to grow stronger as time passes. I feel that I am part of a movement that has the power to alter how prisons run and I will continue to share my experiences with anyone who asks. I cannot think of anyone who attends the groups regularly who has gotten in trouble for anything serious recently. The program seems to affect everyone who participates in a positive manner. I have had many conversations with the volunteers who come in to share the healing and they seem to get as much from the experience.

I would like to thank everyone who supports this worthy cause. I will continue to participate in any and all FTC related events. Thank you again.

by Matthew
FTC large workshop participant since 2014 & Mentor Support Group program graduate 


FTC has a Mentor Support Group (ILTAG) Program which is held every Sunday at Valley State Prison. To volunteer at this event, please visit our Upcoming Events Page for dates and information on how to sign up.