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The Road to Freedom
Begins Within

The Crisis in America’s Prisons

The United States still has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and despite recent reductions, the statistics are alarming:

25% of the world’s incarcerated population is in the U.S., with 2 million Americans behind bars.

Prison homicides in California are double the national average, driven by overcrowding and insufficient rehabilitation programs.(1)

California spends a shocking $132,860 per incarcerated individual annually, a 90% increase over the last decade.(2)

Rehabilitation costs account for only 3% of total correctional spending.

68% of released individuals are re-incarcerated within three years.(3)

1 NBC News, February 2016
2 Cal Matters (Jan 2024)
3 2018 Update on Prisoner Recidivism: A 9-Year Follow-up Period (2005-2014)


How We Transform Lives

Through interactive practices such as healing shame, breaking the cycles of anger and reactivity, and practicing forgiveness, participants gain new perspectives and unlock a second chance at true freedom.


Our programming leverages recent brain science discoveries about the importance of modeling in accelerating the adoption of prosocial thinking and behavior through utilizing the skills of trained volunteers who are willing to engage and model those behaviors.



Our volunteers engage with incarcerated participants in a non-judgmental space, sharing their vulnerabilities and fostering genuine connections.

Trio System:

In groups of three (1 volunteer and 2 incarcerated participants), each person shares, facilitates, and observes, fostering deep personal growth and healing.

Building Essential Skills:

Participants learn to break cycles of anger & violence, communicate compassionately, and step free of past harmful behaviors so they can rejoin our communities as contributing citizens.



Since 2004, FTC has made a profound difference:


incarcerated individuals have transformed their lives


dedicated & compassionate volunteers


hours of in-person participant education


volunteer hours dedicated

Incarcerated participants in our programs demonstrate:

  • More peaceful behavior
  • A more successful parole process
  • Greater ease at integrating back into society and giving back to their communities
  • Increased empathy towards others
  • Positive self-regulation outcomes
  • Improved management of fight, flight, and freeze reactions in triggering situations

Prison Staff report significant positive changes:

  • More cooperation
  • Fewer disciplinary infractions
  • More accountability
  • Less violence
  • Greater readiness to move into leadership positions
  • A more positive outlook for the future
  • A calmer, less violent prison culture

Hear Their Stories

“FTC created a space where I could experience human connection. Their openness allowed me to take responsibility and equipped me with tools to make wiser decisions.”

Eric, FTC Graduate and FTC Staff Member

Get Involved: Make a Difference Today

90% of incarcerated individuals are estimated to earn parole.
Your support can help them heal, learn, and reunite with their families and communities.

Our Life-Changing Programs

We have several programs offered in various formats to accommodate different needs and objectives.

Pathways to Freedom Large Workshop

A transformative weekend workshop where over 50 volunteers work with 200+ incarcerated individuals, teaching crucial communication and emotional healing skills.

In-Prison Monthly Groups

This program provides incarcerated participants with a unique and transformative opportunity to cultivate and develop essential life skills in a smaller class.

Correspondence Program

Remote learning modules with individualized feedback, allow us to reach more prisons and transform more lives.



Join us in making a meaningful difference and supporting the ripple effect of peace and healing.

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