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Photo, L-R: Arlene Stepputat (Founding Board Member), Kristianne & Bonnie

With the inclusion of two new prison facilities to our program schedule, a few of us gathered in what is a rare in-person meeting at the FTC office to discuss expansion plans. We have many meetings at FTC but for ease and convenience most of our meetings tend to happen online in video conferences. Not only were we meeting in person, but it just so happened that this meeting also fell on the 15th anniversary (March 20-21) of our very first Freedom to Choose workshop, held at Valley State Prison for Women in 2004.

The volunteer team at FTC’s first prison workshop in March, 2004.

An hour into the meeting, we heard a knock on the door (also very rare), and in walked… Kristianne! As we happily hugged our dear friend and unexpected guest (we hadn’t seen each other at the office in 2 years), we suddenly realized: this was also the 15th anniversary of the day we first met – while she was a lifer at Valley State Prison for Women! 

We cried tears of gratitude for all that we have shared, and how we have all grown together over these 15 years. Kristianne, like hundreds of other men and women we’ve met, has created a beautiful life of service in the “free world.” We were stunned and touched at this beautiful unplanned reunion and how it all perfectly came together… our staff member Molly had even lit an array of candles unexpectedly… so it felt very much like Spirit brought us together for a special party to celebrate our very special anniversary…

For those who don’t know Kristianne, here is a FTC video, highlighting her beautiful story.

On our 15th Anniversary, we want to share a special blessing of gratitude for the thousands of people – volunteers, donors and participants – that have been part of FTC’s success. Thank you!! ????

We are growing – come join us and become a volunteer! 

Our next Service Learning Training takes place on April 6-7, 2019 in Los Angeles. Come join the Party!

A video message from our unplanned reunion.