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“Punishment fails. Rehabilitation works.”
– Joseph Gilligan, Clinical Professor Psychiatry, NY Times

“I wish I could take all the love unleashed through our workshop, wrap it up in a gift, and not only give it to all the inmates in California, not only my loved ones and family, but give it to the world.”
– FTC Participant (incarcerated)

As an alternative, you can send us a check to our mailing address:

The Freedom to Choose Project
PO Box 3062
Santa Barbara, CA 93130-3062

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The demand for The Freedom to Choose Project’s (FTC’s) evidence-based, cost-effective educational programs (which have served over 3,000 CA inmates) is growing! FTC is a revolution in prison rehabilitation. This unique, transformational prison education project is funded by people like you. When so many people feel hopeless about our world and being a force for good… here’s a way to make a profound difference.

“People have all these grand ideas for a better world. Maybe we should start with a Freedom to Choose workshop.”
– FTC Participant (incarcerated)

There are many reasons people end up in prison. We help people get out, build a new life, and stay out. We teach people to find the inner freedom to choose responsibility, to choose integrity, to choose kindness and love.

Did you know…?

  • 95% of people in prison will be released to our communities.
  • In 2018 FTC will deliver approximately 30,000 hours of inmate education at an unheard of cost of less than $10 per hour!
  • The waiting list of male inmates is 300+ by word-of-mouth alone who want to take our program at Valley State Prison for men!
  • Because of our generous volunteer base, 94% of FTC’s donations go to cover program costs.
  • Over 14+ years we have served over 3,000 inmates.
  • California spends $71,000/inmate annually, while our entire budget is less than the cost of incarcerating 3 people for a year!
“Valley State Prison has many valuable programs, but none of them are like FTC…. I am deeply grateful to all of the volunteers who give their time, their presence and their hearts toward this work. I also appreciate and thank all who contribute to making FTC possible.”
– Parker, Inmate, Valley State Prison

We have received requests from other prisons around the world. We are currently fundraising to expand our program offerings!

Here’s how your donations help!

$25 – Pays for an inmate to attend a weekly support group and practice forgiveness

$150 – Pays for one inmate to attend an entire 2-day workshop in prison

$500 – Sponsors a Community Event to bring parolees and community members together for compassionate experiential learning

$1,000 – Pays for 40 male inmates to attend weekly refresher courses in prison

$1,700 – Pays for the annual care of one dog in our YOP dog program

$15,000 – Enables us to launch a new pilot program in a new prison

$20,000 – Supports an advanced 2-day workshop for inmates

We also welcome monthly recurring donations starting at just $10!

Join us in breaking the cycle of incarceration.

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The Freedom to Choose Project currently sells 4 styles of t-shirts as well as beautiful greeting cards that were designed using the artwork of one of our participants at Valley State Prison. To checkout our merchandise, Contact Us.


Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors who have donated funds, services and supplies to make our work possible. We are grateful for all contributions. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us.