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We have received requests from other prisons around the world. We are currently fundraising to expand our program offerings!

One-time donations or monthly pledges
are all gratefully put to good use.

$30 – Covers a re-entry class for a parolee who wants to be successful in the “free world”
$100 – Pays for one inmate to attend an entire 2-day workshop in prison
$300 – Funds a classroom of at-risk teens learning healthy ways to deal with anger
$1,000 – Pays for 200 male inmates to attend weekly refresher courses in prison
$3,087.47 – Matches the male inmates’ donation!
$15,000 – Enables us to expand to a new prison or community project
$20,000 – Supports an advanced 2-day workshop for inmates

You can also donate $10 (or more) each month…..easy to do for almost everyone!

All donations make a difference!


“What you can do inside of yourself really has the potential to change the world.”
-Inmate, Valley State Prison for Women


Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors who have donated funds, services and supplies to make our work possible. We are grateful for all contributions.


Please contact us if you would like to be part of our growing list of supporters.



Our volunteers are extraordinary! We are fortunate to have the support of a large and dedicated group, many of whom have stepped forward in loving service repeatedly since the project began.

Prison Volunteers

The prison volunteers donate their time and pay their own way to support workshop participants in learning the skills taught in the program. Over 400 volunteers have participated. Typically, a group of 40-80 volunteers are an integral part of each Freedom to Choose program.

Volunteering in Freedom to Choose is an opportunity to express the highest part of yourself. Each team is comprised of new and returning volunteers and is chosen afresh. If you would like more information on volunteering, please click below.


Community Volunteers (Santa Barbara County)

We are also developing a team of Community Volunteers. If you are interested in being of service in Santa Barbara County, please contact us.


Find your event, click on the link, and enter your password to access confidential information.

CIW Info Session Meet & Greet – June 22nd, 2017

CCWF Prison Project 3-day workshop– March 30 – April 2, 2017 >>

VSP Prison Project 2-day workshop – April  21-23, 2017 >>

VSP Men’s Mentor Group – Sunday’s 1:30-4:00pm>>

Santa Barbara Jail Project – (Tentative Start Date) – February/March , 2017 >>