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The Freedom to Choose Project is a
501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Our award-winning educational programs shift and uplift lives by teaching proven, practical tools for communication and emotional freedom to people in the areas of criminal justice, addiction and recovery, and other at-risk and under-served populations.

FTC’s Documentary Preview (2019)


Co-Founder: Bonnie Paul, Ph.D. on TEDx

“95% of prisoners will be released at some point… doesn’t it make sense to help people in prison learn how to become peaceful?” – Bonnie Paul, Ph.D.

We offer workshops and classes that are highly accessible to men and women of all cultures, education levels, and faiths. Our new workshop series “Pathways to Freedom” is designed to teach practical communication, emotional competency and self-responsibility skills to men and women in prison, on parole and probation so that they may return to society and lead productive, successful lives. Our namesake two-day workshop “Freedom to Choose”  was co-developed over 11 years of offering workshops to thousands of individuals both in and out of prison.

Participants in our workshops
discover the freedom of choosing to:

• make peace with their past
• work for a future they really want
• improve all relationships
• handle anger in healthier ways
• make choices that facilitate greater joy and aliveness


“I remember the moment when I realized that I could
live life, rather than just ‘do life…’ (a life sentence).

That made a HUGE difference in my transition from prison to
being a sound, contributing member of society.
Through Freedom to Choose, I’ve learned the difference between anger and empowerment.”

-Kristianne Clifford-Schell, former inmate

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