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Join our In-Prison Monthly Groups aka IAG

What does IAG stand for? IAG is a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation acronym that stands for Inmate Activity Groups. However, here at The Freedom to Choose Project (FTC), we’ve uniquely coined these monthly groups as Individuals Achieving Greatness (IAG).

FTC holds in-prison monthly groups because we firmly believe in the boundless potential for growth and redemption within every individual. The groups stand as an extension of the work we conduct with our participants in our larger workshops, cultivating skills in a more concentrated and intimate environment. They serve as a sanctuary for self-discovery and personal advancement, providing incarcerated participants with a unique and transformative opportunity to cultivate and develop essential life skills.

These skills include compassionate listening, self-love and respect, trigger identification, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, intention setting, and other related topics that exist within the realm of Compassionate Experiential Education. Often inaccessible throughout the lives of the majority of our participants, this form of education becomes regularly available through our monthly groups—empowering participants to enhance their prospects for personal advancement and successful reintegration.

Simultaneously, the volunteers, much like our participants, often undergo their own profound journey of internal enlightenment, finding themselves presented with the same opportunity to enhance their existing skills or acquire new ones. Together, we ignite a powerful ripple effect of transformation that transcends the confines of incarceration, extending an internal sense of freedom to all who are touched by our work.


  • An open heart and willingness to serve
  • Commitment to attending at least 1 in-person class per month
  • Completing annual clearance process

The in-prison Support Groups are strategically held in-between our large scale in-prison workshops, providing participants with the opportunity to continue practicing and ensuring a consistent connection to the work in a group class that meets 1-2 times a month. We currently offer these programs at 5 different California prison locations–meaning there’s ample opportunity as well as a compelling need for more volunteers to join.

Join us on this beautiful journey of empowerment and restoration. The potential for growth knows no bounds, and its impact is immeasurable. We accept and train volunteers from all backgrounds and experience.

Eager to embrace the possibility of change? You can become part of our revolutionary in-prison Support Groups and contribute to a brighter future. For more information, reach out to us by clicking the button bellow! Together, we’re cultivating a worldwide community of growth, redemption, and empowerment, one cohort at a time.