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In a caring, nonjudgmental space, volunteers delve into their own life issues alongside incarcerated participants. They model openness and vulnerability, inviting incarcerated participants to do the same. Join us now.

Steps to Become a Volunteer

Apply Online:

Complete our volunteer application form to get started.

Attend Training:

Participate in our training orientation to prepare for your role.

Join Programs:

Volunteer for life-changing programs, working directly with incarcerated individuals and fellow volunteers.

It opened that door for healing...

Eduardo Torres

Why Volunteer with Us?

Volunteering with The Freedom to Choose Project is a life-changing experience. It provides opportunities to serve others while mastering the same skills and tools offered to our participants. You will have the chance to:


Develop a profound sense of compassion for yourself and others, fostering genuine human connection.

Deliver Real Impact:

Contribute to safer, more compassionate communities and assist men and women in re-identifying themselves as valuable, responsible members of our society.


Witness firsthand the powerful changes that occur when incarcerated participants find inner peace and choose inner freedom.

Experience Personal Growth:

Gain practical skills to improve your life, including cutting-edge emotional intelligence techniques to benefit your personal and professional relationships.

How Will You Make a Difference Today?

Volunteer in our Prison Workshop

Our signature workshop, “Pathways to Freedom,” teaches communication and relationship skills. Volunteers spend the weekend working alongside 200+ incarcerated participants in person at the prison.

Volunteer in our Monthly Groups

Volunteer locally at our In-Prison Monthly Groups. Hosted at five different California prison locations, these groups are extend the impactful work conducted in our larger workshops.

Volunteer Remotely

Volunteer from the comfort of your home through our Correspondence Program. Together, we’ll read homework assignments from incarcerated participants and offer supportive, meaningful feedback. No prior experience is necessary.

Lend Us Your Skills

Your unique skills can help amplify our mission. Whether through video editing, copywriting, research, or professional services, your contribution is invaluable.

“While I volunteer to be of service to these men at the correctional facility, the truth is that I receive back ten-fold. My heart overflows, and tears fall from my eyes as I bear witness to the transformation of young men into mature, caring gentlemen who also yearn to give back. It is a privilege to be here and do this work. As Ghandi said, ‘Be the change you want to see.’ Here the change is so clear.”

—Joyce Averna Horn (volunteer since 2014)

More ways to get involved


Make a meaningful difference and experience the ripple effect of peace and healing.

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