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It’s said that what we appreciate, appreciates. How true!

We so appreciate the part you’ve played in helping us arrive in this very moment– celebrating our 15-year anniversary.

Thank you for taking the time this past month to celebrate how far we’ve all come together in that time!

And, in case you missed them, we wanted to recap the “Tales of Freedom” video series we shared here over these past few weeks.

These 5 inspirational videos featured stories of profound transformation— from suffering to success— in both our volunteers and program participants.

Tales of Freedom #1:

FTC’s Origin Story with Co-Founders David & Bonnie Paul

In our first “Tale of Freedom,” FTC’s co-founders, Bonnie and David Paul discuss our humble and heart-centered beginnings (we started out as a graduate school passion project!) as well as our vision for the future.

Tales of Freedom #2:

From Imprisonment to Leadership with LaVell Baylor

In this second “Tale of Freedom,” FTC participant-turned-volunteer, LaVell Baylor, shares her journey from incarceration to healing, service, and leadership. Her redemption story will inspire and remind you of what’s possible for us all!

Tales of Freedom #3:

Ana Zepeda & How Volunteering Healed Her Rage

In this third “Tale of Freedom,” a new FTC volunteer, Ana Zepeda, shares how volunteering at a recent prison project helped her to heal the grief, rage, and resentment that plagued her following the murder of her 3-month-old son. Listen in to be inspired by not only the human spirit’s capacity to renew itself, but also by the power that selfless service has to heal our deepest wounds.

Tales of Freedom #4:

Benito Gutierrez’s Parole & New Lease on Life

In this fourth “Tale of Freedom,” a formerly incarcerated FTC participant, Benito Gutierrez, shares how the life skills he learned from our programs helped him earn parole, break his own cycle of recidivism, and feel a new lease on life.

Tales of Freedom #5:

Alice Manning on Healing from Cancer & the Power of a Volunteer Support Network

In our fifth (and final) “Tale of Freedom,” veteran volunteer, Alice Manning, vulnerably shares her journey of healing from cancer this past year, and how the support of the FTC community played a pivotal role in her recovery.

Standing on the shoulders of all we’ve built together thus far, we’re looking forward to what’s next…in 2020 and beyond!

We appreciate you so very much!

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