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One of the reasons why we return to volunteering at prison projects over and over (and over!) again, is because of the powerful connections we make.

It’s a blessing in the world today to find a community of open-hearted, generous individuals, each committed to their own soul’s growth and the upliftment of the world.

Our volunteer teams not only create micro-cultures in prisons that reflect the changes we’d most like to see in the world, but they also become micro-cultures in and of themselves– of what a loving, supportive community actually looks and feels like.

It’s just this kind of community that FTC offers that helped uplift Alice Manning during her cancer journey this past year.

A longtime volunteer, Alice found herself facing the biggest challenge of her life this time last year. Now on the other side of this, she shares what she learned and how she healed.

Welcome to our fifth (and final!) Tale of Freedom, with Alice Manning.

Tales of Freedom #5:

Alice Manning on Healing from Cancer & the Power of a Volunteer Support Network

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And if you’re brand-new to FTC, welcome! It’s our hope that these videos gave you a glimpse of who we are, where we’ve come from, and what you can help us build going forward.

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