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Welcome to the second-to-last week of both our year-end fundraiser and our 15-year anniversary celebration! (And, in the next several months, please keep an eye out for an invitation to join us at a live anniversary celebration later in 2020.)

To celebrate this milestone anniversary now, we’ve been sharing 5 inspirational videos, or “Tales of Freedom,” featuring stories of profound transformation— from suffering to success— in both our volunteers and program participants.

In this fourth “Tale of Freedom,” a formerly incarcerated FTC participant, Benito Gutierrez, shares how the life skills he learned from our programs helped him earn parole, break his own cycle of recidivism, and feel a new lease on life.

Listen in to be inspired by not only the human spirit’s capacity to renew itself, but also the mercy always available to us to begin again.

Tales of Freedom #4:

Benito Gutierrez’s Parole & New Lease on Life

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