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Every now and again we stumble across a redemption story that’s so inspiring, it restores our faith in what’s possible for us all.

Such is the story of former FTC participant-turned-volunteer, LaVell Baylor.

In 2008, LaVell experienced incarceration for 20 months in the former Valley State Prison for Women (before it became the all men’s prison it is today).

During that time, she participated in her first FTC workshop– and went on to attend every workshop thereafter– until her release in April 2010.

The months and years that followed her release were filled with uphill struggles. Trying to secure housing and employment after incarceration felt nearly impossible at times.

Yet, with the emotional empowerment tools of FTC within her and a supportive community around her, LaVell prevailed.

Today, she’s a thriving member of society as a mentor, speaker, and Deputy Director of Freedom 4 Youth, a non-profit that empowers youth within and beyond the juvenile justice system.

Listen in to LaVell’s Tale of Freedom, the second in our 5-week series.

Tales of Freedom #2:

From Imprisonment to Leadership with LaVell Baylor

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