Join our next Volunteer Training: May 1-2!

The best things in life grow even better…. when shared with others.

If you found FTC—  and would love to share it with your community— we have a wonderful opportunity for you!

Please join the FTC Street Team!

We need your help recruiting new donors and volunteers to grow from hosting 6 prison projects a year to 12 in 2020!

We’re currently gathering a team of passionate community members to help us spread the word about our Year-End Fundraiser (which is also part of our 15-Year Anniversary Celebration) from November 19- December 19, 2019!! 

The highlight of this celebration is on #GivingTuesday (December 3). 

When you join the FTC Street Team, we’ll send you everything you need to spread the world— whether that’s to just one person or one thousand.

Your “Street Team Kit” will include: done-for-you email templates, social media posts, and beautiful graphics (for newsletters, solo emails, and social media).

We’ll also have a private, online group in our Mighty Network to communicate and cheer one another on throughout the campaign, plus weekly Zoom calls for extra support.

(While these added supports are meant to be fun and helpful, they’re 100% optional! The important thing is that this works for you.)

Plus, our FTC Street Team will be ever-expanding, helping us to spread the word about future projects too, like our documentary next year.

Sound awesome? Here’s how you can help on the FTC Street Team:

  • Send emails to those near and dear to you, or to movers and shakers in the world (or both)
  • Include our campaign in your next newsletter 
  • Write a blog post about your experience with FTC
  • Post about our campaign on your social media channels
  • Host a Facebook or Instagram Live on #GivingTuesday
  • Send a letter to someone via snail mail
  • Make a phone call (or 10!)
  • Or find a creative way of your own to help us spread the word far and wide

To serve more people and take The Freedom to Choose Project to the next level in 2020, we need this to be the best, most abundant year-end campaign we’ve ever had. 

And, to do that, we need your help!

Join the FTC Street Team!

Our adventure officially begins next Monday, November 18 (the day before the start of our Year-End Campaign).

When you sign up to join our Street Team, you’ll receive a welcome email right away, filled with everything you need to know to get started. 

I can’t wait to have fun, grow, and spread the good word about FTC together in the weeks ahead!

Join our FTC Street Team now.