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Before you came into my life, I was lost in a dark world. No one knew the pain and suffering I carried for thirty years except you.

Nonetheless, you decided to open your heart and hold me tight into your many arms. You decided not to judge me or criticize me for the unresolved issues that were holding me back. Instead you embraced me with kindness and thoughtfulness.

You showed me love, compassion and belonging. That’s why you grew so deeply into my heart. Your intentions from the very beginning were good and pure.

I must let you know that because of you, you changed my life, attitude, and beliefs.

The dark path I took when I left home doesn’t seem lonely and depressing anymore. When I see the facilitators, David and Bonnie, I feel that my mother, who is in heaven, sent you to me. When I talk to the volunteers – Karen, Joyce, or Bernadette, more angels come, and it makes me feel like I’m already in heaven. The people from FTC are people sent from the highest good to teach, guide, and help me in my recovery. I want to personally thank you. May your higher power bless you daily.

by Alejandro
FTC large workshop participant since 2014 & Mentor Support Group program graduate
Alejandro has since been released from prison.

FTC has a Mentor Support Group (ILTAG) Program which is held every Sunday at Valley State Prison. To volunteer at this event, please visit our Upcoming Events Page for dates and information on how to sign up.

FTC provides programs that teaches foundational life skills, fostering healing and transformation from the inside out.