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Dedicated artwork by Oscar (FTC program participant since 2014)


Elephants & Doves

Deliberately I turned my face aside
But he, elephant-like, remained in the room
Even my secret spaces occupied
And with nary a sign of departing soon

Doing as beasts are bound,
He fulfilled his simple, elephantine role-
Lumbering and bumped around-
Upsetting all the furniture of my soul.

Embarrassed by this domestic horror
And scared he’d frighten them
I folded myself into a corner
Inviting no guests in

Then I found myself one day
In a gym amid some curious spectacle
Wondering if I should stay
I sat down and I waited, scared and skeptical

Purple people spoke of Freedom to Choose
And besieged me with love, acceptance and space
Figuring I had little else to lose
I opened creaking doors to this strange new grace

Love that I realised reflected my own
Filled and healed dark places with light
I watered with tears these seeds that were sewn
And through them gained new, loving sight

When I looked at myself
Through the lens of such love
That elephant of mine
Became a little dove

by Parker
FTC large workshop participant since 2013 & Mentor Support Group program graduate

FTC has a Mentor Support Group (ILTAG) Program which is held every Sunday at Valley State Prison. To volunteer at this event, please visit our Upcoming Events Page for dates and information on how to sign up.