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Archive for October, 2018

Elephants & Doves

Share this post   The following art has been dedicated to The Freedom to Choose Project (FTC) by our talented participants at Valley State Prison.   Elephants & Doves Deliberately I turned my face aside But he, elephant-like, remained in the room Even my secret spaces occupied And with nary… » Read more

My Purpose in Life

By Michael Lattimore In my very first experience with The Freedom to Choose Project (FTC), I truly understood what ‘Change from the Inside’ meant. I thought I was going inside a prison to bring hope and inspiration to others. I discovered that I was also truly serving myself by sharing… » Read more

Who Am I?

A participant shares his experience at our recent Pathways to Freedom workshop. “I love the work that FTC does, for myself personally, and for the greater inmate population, and also for those amazing people who devote their time to coming into prisons and bringing their love. My life has been… » Read more

Helping Each Other to Heal

A volunteer shares her experience at our recent Pathways to Freedom workshop. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the incredible and heart opening workshop you devised for the VSP weekend. I applaud you for your courage and willingness to discuss the subjects of racism and diversity which… » Read more